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Senior Loan Advisor / Branch Manger

My license as a mortgage broker began in Florida Jan 2001. I often tell people my attitude is more Mom than mortgage broker. I’m going to treat all of my customers the same way that I would want my kids to be treated. I’m very happy to help customers with their loans today OR if they need to make changes in their financial profile to position themselves for a loan next year. I want each customer to get the best of the best today or in the future.

The most important thing you need to know about this company is we don’t add loan requirements over and above what the loan product itself requires. Many banks, credit unions and mortgage companies do this. What that means is that if you have a credit score that drops 1 point below a company’s requirement, they show you the door. As you leave, they don’t bother to tell you that if they were following actual guide lines you would be approved. Happens all the time. They just don’t want to help you. I do. I go behind these other companies all the time and close loans for customers.

But even worse than that is when they tell you YES and then bomb out and can’t take you to the closing table. They’ve wasted your time and your money. I will be honest with you up front.

What do I mean by “loan product”?

  • Are you a veteran? A zero down VA loan is a great option for you.
  • Do you have lower credit scores and have limited funds? – perhaps an FHA loan would be the way to go.
  • First Time Home Buyer? Not a problem.
  • Need help with down payment and/or closing costs? Perhaps a Down Payment Assistance program would be right for you.
  • Maybe you’re buying in a USDA geographical area because USDA has a zero down option as well.
  • Are you self-employed and have been turned down from a lender after you showed them your tax returns? We have alternative document options for you as well.
  • INVESTORS – how about a loan to purchase or refinance an investment property with NO INCOME DOCS?
  • Mobile Home / Modular Home / Condos / Buy and Renovate / Build a home from the ground up whether you own the land now or need to buy.

One more thing – If you are or your spouse are 62+ years old, you may want to consider a Reverse Mortgage for refinance or purchase. You can retain your existing home and purchase with a Reverse Mortgage or reduce your monthly outgo with a Reverse Mortgage and continue to own your home. Call me I’ll answer all your questions about those myths that are no longer true but continue to be associated with Reverse Mortgages.

Call me and tell me what you are trying to accomplish and we’ll work out the best path for you and your family. I’m available to chat anytime! Penny – 904-466-0110