Yes, You Can Own a Hobby Farm!

Hobby Farm and Rural Home Loans

For many owning a farm is a dream that can seem out of reach. Today it is closer than ever before.
Most Hobby Farmers have full time jobs and a totally separate income stream that can help the dream be realized. A hobby farm is exactly what the name states... a hobby!

Are you interested in owning a hobby farm or rural home? Then we have the perfect vehicle from our partner United AG Lending. It kicks open the door making dreams and hobbies possible. Below is a short list of different Hobby Farm and Rural Home Loans available.
  • Acreage - 5 to 160 plus (we can go more than 160 with exception)
  • Pastureland, tillable acreage
  • Outbuildings - Barns, Stable, Silo, Sheds
  • Multiple Non-Contiguous Parcels
  • Schedule F Income allowed, ag exempt properties welcome
  • Will allow up to 3 homes on one parcel as long as primary is stick built!
  • Barndominiums are ok as long as we have one supporting comp.
  • Equestrian, vineyard, citrus farm, avocado are just some examples of allowed uses on the property

For those looking to turn the dream into a full time lifestyle, there are even more options available. 
  • Full time farms allowed up to loan amounts of 100 Million
  • Dairy, livestock, vineyards, orchards, equestrian, almonds, corn, beef & more!
  • Multiple parcels to cover multiple properties
  • Long term fixed products with no prepay & adjustable rates with 30 year amortization
  • Schedule F Income
  • Cash-out loans available
  • Bare land loans starting at 500k up to 100 Million, the land can have improvements under 30% of the value.
  • Cash out on land owned to use for construction of home 
  • Cross collateralizing is an option for purchasing new farm.

Let's start the conversation. Simply call or click to learn more. Submit your name and one of our qualified advisors will reach out to learn more about your dream and how to make it a reality.