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I live here in the Upstate of South Carolina with my lovely wife of 32 years and two daughters that my wife and I treasure. We live on a farm with our beloved dogs, Samson our Great Dane and Maggie our Schnauzer. Outside of my faith, my family and my legacy is the most important thing in my life.

My wife and I grew up in traveling families. Her father built hotels across the county and my father a career military man. Having seen so much of the country, my wife and I wondered where we would raise our family someday. Moving to Greenville in early 1990’s we knew we had found our forever home. Having worked in sales most of my adult life, you learn how to engage with people. I leared quickly that people do not like to be treated unfairly and generally speaking, do not mind paying for good service. No one likes to receive less than they were promised or paid for.

Living in and around so much information and misinformation, can we be sure we are making good decisions? Especially with the larger purchases of our lives, such as our homes. Consumers need good options, based on their needs and desires. A good Mortgate Advisor can offer clear choices, that meets the needs of the consumer. Here at First Home Equity Loans, I will do my best to ensure that yours goals are accomplished. That’s what a good deal looks like to me. I look forward to meeting you soon.